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Tiburon Carlsbad Homeowners Association 

General Information

Tiburon Carlsbad Homeowners Association is a Non-Profit Organization

Tiburon Carlsbad HOA Tax ID# 95-2881532

Units: 486

Project turned over to association on 12/31/77.
Phases: 10.  1st Phase 1974, Last 1986.
Project is not subject to additional Phasing.
Association Common Area is complete.
The Association is currently not involved in pending litigation.
The Association is a Planned Unit Development (PUD).
Project is not an apartment conversion.
Built on 100 acres.  118 Guest Parking Spaces + 16 @ Tennis Court Parking Lot.

Title Information

Units are owned fee simple, not on leased land.
Recreation facilities and common land areas are not leased.
Project is not a conversion.

Control Transfer Information

Voting control of the Board of Directors (Trustees) turned over from builder 12/77.

Budget/Financial Information

Monthly Dues: $280.00 (as of Jan.1st 2015)
Fiscal Year is January through December