Replacement Window Guidelines

1.                  General Provisions

a.      Replacement or retrofit windows shall meet all building code standards in effect at the time of the installation.

b.      Replacement or retrofit windows shall not alter the size or shape of the existing enclosure of those windows that are being replaced or re-fitted.  Exterior wood trim and/ or stucco must be restored to its original appearance if window installation affects these elements.

c.      Replacement or retrofit windows shall retain the same window operation type.  Lites, grids, or greenhouse windows are permitted only in limited instances as provided for elsewhere in the policy.  Casement, awning, hopper, double-hung, jalousie/ louvered or pivoting windows are not approved installations.

d.      Windows and frames shall be of good quality and shall provide adequate seal against the elements to protect both the appurtenant interior and exterior surfaces of the unit.

e.      Windows and frames shall be installed in a workmanlike manner by individuals skilled in performing such installations.  Licensed, bonded and insured contractors are strongly suggested.

f.        The unit owner accepts all liability for installation, and for all work performed by installers, as well as for any damage done to common areas or exterior building surfaces.  Any and all refuse created in the course of installation is required to be hauled away by the installer.

g.      The responsibility for care and maintenance of replacement windows is that of the unit owner.

h.      The policy does not apply to circumstances only requiring the repair of existing windows, such as the replacement of broken panes or repair and installation of an existing frame.

2.                  Specifications

a.      Replacement or retrofit windows shall consist of frames composed of anodized aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass.  Due to coastal conditions, wood-framed windows are not recommended.

b.      Replacement or retrofit windows shall consist of frames which, on their exterior-facing surfaces, are dark bronze, brown, black white or tan.

c.      Windows shall be equipped with screens; frame color shall match that of the window frame.

d.      No grids or lites are permitted, except within a ground-floor patio sliding glass door, garden window or kitchen window which faces onto the unit’s patio.

e.      Maximum width of any one side of the exterior of a window frame shall not exceed Three and One Half (3.5) inches when measured from the exterior glass outward to the edge of the frame touching the exterior enclosure.

3.                  Partial Replacements

With the exception of ground-floor patio sliding glass doors, garden or kitchen windows as specified in Section 4 below:

a.      Excepting the patio-side façade, all windows of a unit must be replaced in the same installation if the replacement or retrofit windows are of a different frame color than that of any other window frames of the unit.

b.      When the width of the replacement or retrofit window frame exceeds the width of any adjacent window frame of the unit on the same floor level and façade by more than One (1) inch, all windows on that façade of the unit shall be replaced in the same installation, even if the frame color of the replacement window matches that of other windows on the same façade of the unit.

4.                  Patio Sliders, Garden and Kitchen Windows

A homeowner wishing to replace only a ground-floor patio sliding glass door, garden or kitchen window which faces onto the unit’s patio may do so in any approved color or material without the necessity of replacing any other windows in the unit.  Grids or lites are acceptable for installation on these items.

5.                  Special Doors & Windows

French doors and greenhouse windows are acceptable replacements only for ground-floor patio sliding glass doors, garden windows or kitchen windows that face onto the unit’s patio.  Plans and specifications for such installations should be submitted for written approval to the Architectural Control Committee or Board of Directors.  Please allow up to Thirty (30) days for written decision of the ACC or the Board for such items.

6.                  Prior Installations

All replacement or retrofit window installations made prior to the effective date of this policy are grandfathered.

7.                  Variances

Installations not provided for in these guidelines require a variance, in writing, after a review of plans for the proposed installation submitted by the homeowner, issued by the Architectural Control Committee and/ or Board of Directors.

8.                  Effective Date

The effective date of this policy is January 2005 and remains in effect unless and until modified by a majority vote and confirmed in writing by the Board of Directors.

9.                  Resolution

This policy is adopted by majority vote of the Board of Directors of the Tiburon Carlsbad Homeowners Association at a duly held meeting in 2004.


        The following installers have been used by homeowners:

Pelican Glass
(760) 434-6422

Exclusive Design
(760) 419-1999