Screen & Security Door Guidelines

1. General Provisions

a.       Door type, color and method of installation must be approved by the Architectural Committee, in writing, prior to the installation. Failure to obtain prior approval could result in the removal of the door at the owner’s expense.


b.      Doors shall not alter the size or shape of the existing opening. Exterior wood trim and / or stucco must be restored to its original appearance if door installation affects these elements.


c.       Doors shall be of good quality in accordance with the specifications below.


d.      Doors shall be installed in a workmanlike manner by individuals skilled in performing such installations.

e.       The unit owner accepts all responsibility for installation, and for all work performed by installers, as well as for any damage done to common areas or exterior building surfaces. Any and all refuse created in the installation is required to be hauled away by the installer.

f.        The responsibility for care and maintenance for security doors is that of the unit owner. Door must be maintained in good appearance and working order or be removed at the owner’s expense.


2. Specifications

a. Doors shall be steel security type only with steel mesh and an automatic closer. Examples of items not permitted include: standard metal screen doors, vinyl screen doors and storm doors.

b. Doors colors shall be dark bronze, brown, black, white, or tan.


3. Other

c. Moore Replacements has been used as an installer by owners in the past.  (619) 549-7700