Submittal of Architectural Plans Guidelines

The Architectural Committee strives to preserve the highest standards and quality for life for Tiburon Carlsbad Homeowners Association.  Architectural approval must be given for structural or landscape changes prior to the start of any work.  Some examples of items that generally need Architectural Approval are:

  • Trellises
  • Patio Covers
  • Garage Doors
  • Screen Doors
  • Windows


To Hasten the Approval Process, Please Follow These Guidelines


1.                  Please complete a description of the proposed structural or landscape changes.

2.                  Include plans to scale that show:

Location of improvement to home and property lines

Complete dimensions of changes proposed

Description of materials and color schemes

Clearly marked plant types, sizes, and quantities

(Please be courteous of others when considering the use of any plants or trees that may litter into other yards or the common area.)

3.                  Please submit a completed Architectural Improvement Form with picture/ brochure of improvement or installation and/ or all landscape plans, or three sets of plans for structural changes and patio covers.


The Association has already approved specifications for garage and screen doors.  If this application is for either a screen or garage door you will receive a copy of the specifications and with completion of application you may commence installation immediately.  Standard security doors are black, white, or brown.  Standard garage doors are tan/beige/taupe, with no “Lites” (windows).


Please be cautioned that use of an unlicensed/uninsured contractor could expose you to personal liability for workman’s compensation injuries or liens on your property for unpaid materials.


The plans will be sent for review and you will receive a written notice of the decision.  Please note it may take up to 30 days for the Architectural Committee review process.  We therefore encourage applicant to begin this process well before the work is scheduled.