Termite Policy

This policy is intended to define the limits of the Homeowners Association’s (HOA’s) responsibility toward eradicating termites that can be found within the dwelling units and respective garages.

Absent a provision in the CC&R’s, By-Laws and Articles of incorporation, the HOA’s responsibility is assumed with a vote of the Board of Directors.  The policy can be modified or rescinded at any time in the future at the will of the Board of Directors then in place.


For Escrows:

The Homeowners Association has NO responsibility where a change in a unit ownership (sale of property) calls for a termite inspection and any remedial structure repair.  ANY and ALL costs associated with a change in ownership (sale of property), will be borne by the seller and/ or buyer.


For Regular Maintenance:

1.                  The Association will respond to any notification from a unit owner indicating termite infestation.  The Association may call for an inspection by an exterminator to confirm the presence of termites.

2.                  The Association’s responsibility for structural repair related to termite infestation is limited to the common areas.

3.                  The Association has no responsibility for an unauthorized inspection and/ or remedial repair.

4.                  Homeowners will be responsible for vacating premises, as necessary, for scheduled control procedures, or for having their tenants vacate, as needed, at their own expense.

5.                  If the Association determines that the cause of the termite infestation or dry rot repairs is due to the storing of contaminated wood, watering of plants sitting on balconies or other materials, the unit owner will be responsible for any remedial structural repairs.


Revised December 31, 2014